Voice of the Traveller - Charles Folie

  •   CeePoku.com takes you to another divine traveller with the worshipers' voice.

    Minister Charles Folie, a man with unprecedented steps of releasing

    confidential correspondence into your  Spiritus DNA,

    that will take you to the room of uncontrollable, where you will become a voiceless

    in the supernatural domain of worship.

    Voiceless in the atmosphere or envelope of Elohim will take you to the trans, of the realms of authority.

    Your spirit will understand the impetus of the kingdom of worship.

    Minister Charles Folie is a worshiper of Elohim that defines the momentum of a holistic body in the envelope of the Spirit.

    Catch the worship music and the Holy Ghost in you will be inflammable.

    "Elohim is a Neshama: and they that worship him 

    must worship him in 'Spiritus' and in truth"  -  John 4:24

    Get your copy of this Album, which is out in the market.


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